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What we do?

Travel Café offers full-service leisure travel, corporate travel, and meeting/event planning services. 

Whether you need International or Domestic, vacation or meetings, Travel Café has over 40 years of experience in getting the details right and delivering on your dreams. All of this with personalized service and expertise.

What does a Travel Advisor do for you? 

By using our breadth of resources and experience, your travel advisor will build a travel experience that embodies your vision. An advisor takes on the logistical challenges of travel planning, booking and tracking all the details, responding when plans are forced to change, and most importantly, removes the stress of travel. By providing our clients with additional resources and an elevated experience, Travel Café advisors have you covered and make the most of your event, professional travel, or well-earned vacation.

✅ With Travel Café Advisors

  • You are our Client and Partner in building your dream vacation 
  • Travel Café advisors have the knowledge to connect you to destinations and vendors that have proven themselves to us and our industry partners
  • Travel Café has buying power and access to travel partners that elevate your trip
  • Travel Café provides solutions and assistance when plans are forced to change
  • Advisors become the central point in coordinating all aspects of your trip, from research and planning, to execution and follow through

❌ Booking Elsewhere

  • Being booking number 894938274 is not a personalized experience
  • You are on your own to wade through ALL the options in the world—good and bad (and very bad)
  • As a lone traveler, you don’t have much power to negotiate or recourse with a travel issue
  • When travel plans go wrong, it can be very lonely
  • Pulling all of the details of trip together from airline tickets, hotel reservations and tour reservations can become an overwhelming task