Corporate and Meeting

Business Travel Management

Business Travel Management

Travel Café Corporate Accounts are managed by our Travel Teams. For businesses participating in our corporate travel programs, we handle all aspects of your corporate travel.  Reservations, ticketing, and generating comprehensive reports on a regular basis as a part of your service.  Using our industry connections, Travel Cafe can negotiate for the best rates and services for your organization.

If you are interested in Corporate Travel Services, or your team requires additional reporting please request reports via your Corporate Liaison

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Review Summary Provided Annually or upon Request (monthly): 
  • Review Summary
Monthly Unused Ticket Reports: 
  • Unused Ticket Report

Most Requested Corporate Reports Provided by need or request from corporate client: 
  • Graphic YOY executive Summary
  • Graphic Air Volume Summary
  • Air Spend by Month
  • Air Volume Summary
  • Top 5 Airlines
  • Hotel Summary By City By Property  
  • Hotel Summary by Property
  • Top 20 hotel Cities
  • Car Summary by Company
  • Advanced Purchase Summary
  • Top 20 travelers
Additional Reports By Request: 
  • CO2 Emissions
  • Hotel Detail by Passenger
  • More than 3 on a Plane
  • Traveler Analysis
  • Others by request 
Group Travel:

Travel Café provides Arrival/Departure manifests to meet your needs. Please see the following report examples for your reference. These reports must be requested at least 10 days prior to departure, please allow at least 3 business days for reports to be built. 

  • Arrival manifest Alphabetical 
  • Arrival manifest by Date-Time- Alphabetical