5 Claim Filing Mistakes to Avoid

April 21, 2020

Filing a travel insurance claim can be time-consuming. Purchasing trip insurance covers all sorts of mishaps before, during and some even after travel! We recommend purchasing cancel for any reason trip insurance when available to avoid any confusion and frustration.

Cancel for any reason trip insurance makes cancelling or postponing your future travel a breeze. In general, the cancel for any reason protection must be purchased within a certain amount of days after you’ve booked your trip.

If you've purchased travel insurance but did not purchase cancel for any reason insurance, you might be able to pay to upgrade your insurance plan. We recommend calling your travel insurance provider to discuss options to upgrade your coverage, especially at this time of great uncertainty.

Travel Insured International, one of our trusted vendors, offers these five tips for avoiding mistakes in the event you find yourself filing an insurance claim.

#1 Don't Discard Receipts, Keep Them!

Keeping track of receipts while traveling can be a pain, which is why we recommend packing a container designated for your travel receipts. An extra make-up bag or sandwich bag should work just fine. If you'd like something more durable, we recommend purchasing a travel receipts bag.

#2 File a Police Report if Necessary

It may seem like a hassle in the moment, but taking the time to file a police report is absolutely essential in documenting the steps you've taken. There are many instances in which you should file a police report. Primarily, you should always file a police report in the case of theft, sexual assault or harassment and vandalism. Many police departments allow you to file a police report online. Otherwise, you may file a report by calling the police department's non-emergency number or by visiting their offices in person.

If you believe someone's life is in danger, call 911 immediately.

#3 Visit a Physician if Necessary

If you or someone in your party is unable to travel due to an illness or injury, visit your doctor. You'll need documentation from a doctor's office when filing your insurance claim!

#4 Gather All Necessary Documents

Be sure to document any travel mishaps you'd like covered. This means taking pictures of any damage, collecting receipts for potential reimbursement and scanning and uploading all necessary paperwork when uploading your claim.

#5 Read Your Plan Document

Be sure to review, read and highlight your plan document so you know what is covered in your travel insurance plan.

5 Claim Filing Mistakes

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