The Town that Talks With Sign Language

March 22, 2019

The Bengkala community in Bali is set apart by a number of qualities, chief among them being that the entire community is fluent in a sign language all its own.

BBC Travel recently reported on this unique town saying, "Hearing people are known as ‘enget’, and no matter where you are in the village you will often come across mixed groups of kolok (deaf) and enget (hearing) all chatting in what they call ‘deaf talk’. Whether you’re visiting the primary school, at the central temple or sipping sweet black kopi (coffee) at Pak Suparda’s little warung (stall), you’re likely to see deaf and hearing people in animated but silent conversation, or jostling each other with boisterous laughter."

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Unique cultural travel experiences are growing fast in popularity as people seek to travel better on a deeper emotional, more personal level.

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